Voicethread Success

I have been determined to successfully incorporate voicethread into my classroom, but I have had a hard time coming up with authentic ways to integrate the voicethread into my classroom.  I believe that when we use technology, it must be meaningfully integrated into our classrooms, rather than using technology to just say we have used technology.  While trying to come up with ideas for using voicethread I have played with a few ideas that were not really good and didn’t seem to inspire my students to conversation.  I ran across a blog posting where a gentleman said that he posted a voicethread up on his class page and didn’t require the students to use the voicethread, rather he just created conversation if the students wanted to participate.  I tried that (only one week) and I only had a few students log-in and comment.  I could have had few comments because the topic was academic in nature rather than just for fun, so maybe I need to rethink what I put up, but I have a hard time putting up non-academic items.  I guess the key to that is to put up something that the students don’t know is academic but actually has value to the content.

I decided to put up my flipchart in voicethread.  We have activboards at our school, so I “printed” my flipchart to a PDF (uncovering and hiding all of my actions) and then imported the PDF into a voicethread.  I put the voicethread up on my website the night before a quiz and the students finally commented!!!!  I had 72 comments.  Most of the comments were answering questions on that were already in the flipchart, but some students drew on the pictures and discussed the process of photosynthesis (the concept we were covering) and some just talked through the slides!  I also was on that night approving comments (I have the voicethread moderated) and helping the students where they were having trouble (as I found by listening to the comments).  I know this process will improve as time goes by and I think this may be my favorite way to use voicethread!  I am interested in hearing how other teachers are using voicethread.Please let me know if you have any great tips.  Below are links to my great voicethread idea’s, examples, and best practices.  Also, please check out my voicethread that my class used on Photosynthesis!

Digitally Speaking  – Voicethread

The Blurb – Voicethread Training and Tutorials

Voicethread 4 Education

Techieteachers pagecast

Photosynthesis Voicethread




2 thoughts on “Voicethread Success

  1. Hi there – I started my students on blogging today and I was wondering if there was a way to embed the voicethread on your website? Or do you have to link to it? Thanks for your help!

  2. Yes, there is a way to embed voicethread on your website. Are you trying to post on a blog or a website? Embedded into Wrodpress is a little more tricky and to be honest I haven’t figured it out yet. I embed voicethread’s on my school’s website for my class a lot, but I can’t send you a link because it is a protected website. When you are using voicethread, on the “share” options, there is a button for embed. When you click embed you will get an embed code. Use the embed code to embed the voicethread. Where you put the embed code is dependent on the type of website you have. What platform are you using to host your website? Is it a blog or a formal website? I have attached a link on how to embed a voicethread.


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