The Perfect Lesson

I was in a first grade class this morning using the activboard to teach a lesson on related facts (I have attached the flipchart here).  As I was planning how to teach this lesson I realized that the perfect lessons do not include ALL technology, nor do they include ALL manipulatives.  The perfect lesson would combine the two in perfect balance – and NOT have too many worksheets (that is a pet peeve of mine).  I was teaching the students addition facts with sums through six.  I used the activboard to model the lesson using dominoes, but then I gave the students dominoes so they could touch and feel the lesson.  Then, we moved on to related facts.  I taught the students related facts on the activboard using cubes and dominoes, but then I gave the students cubes so they could model related facts with the using the connecting cubes.  The student’s LOVED this lesson.  They left the class saying, “Mrs. Daugherty that was so much fun!”.  I think it is so important for students to see and use technology in their lessons, but it is just as important for students to visualize what they are learning – especially in math.  So next time you teach a lesson with the activboard, be sure to bring in some manipulatives for the students as well!