Skydrive Vs. Dropbox

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We are having a hard time at my school deciding which cloud service to introduce our teachers to.  I LOVE Dropbox and have been using it for about 1 1/2 years.  However, the problem is that our school uses Windows Live which comes with a free subscription to Skydrive.  We are rolling out iPads to our teachers which further complicates the issue.

Most iPad app’s are fully integrated with Dropbox but not Skydrive.  I have only found ONE wordprocessing application that allows users to link completely (both download and save to) to skydrive.  The app is Office2 HD.  We will be using this app for our teachers to access their documents on their iPads.  However, just having a wordprocessing storage site does not solve the problem in integrating skydrive with the ipad.  So many of the ipad apps do not save to or export to skydrive that the cloud storage is really useless. 

I would like to see the iPad link more with Skydrive in the future.  I am hoping that it is not a competition type situation where Apple won’t let Skydrive be a player because it is the competition.  From what I can tell Skydrive has all of the same bells and whistles as Dropbox. 

Here is a Comparison:

Dropbox Skydrive
Desktop Sync Yes Yes
Ability to Hyperlink Files Yes Yes
Folder Sharing Yes Yes
Price 2GB free 5GB free
Online Document Editing no* yes

*Dropbox files can be edited using iPad apps like CloudOn (free app).

My preferene is Dropbox because of the wonderful iPad integration.  I don’t mind paying $9.99 per month (for 50 gb) for the access and convenience of being able to access my files anywhere I am (using my phone (droid), iPad, or my home or work computer).  I share photo albums with my family and take advantage of extra free storage space every time someone signs up for Dropbox using a link I shared.  I would use Skydrive if the iPad integration were the same, but I would still be out of space, even with what my school would give me for free (I am almost maxed out with Dropbox).

You may notice that I didn’t mention Google Drive.  I am careful what I put on Google because of their privacy policy.  If you don’t mind your data being mined then Google Drive may be the choice for you, however, I do not want my information open to Google (and their advertisers) so I do not use their storage option.


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