Sound Decks

One of my jobs as curriculum coordinator is to make sure that my school is aligned with what we are doing through the grade levels.  One thing we found that was not aligned was our sounds decks for our primary grades.

When we taught phonics sounds to our kindergartner’s we may have taught them the “ck” sound with duck, and then in 1st grade we might have used quack and in 2nd grade we might have used lock.  We thought it would be best if we designed sound decks for all of our grade levels that were the same.  We didn’t want to have to pay for sound decks, so I created them.

As part of our word work time each day in our primary grades our teachers spend just a few minutes going through their sound decks.  We find that this quick and simple practice each day is helping our students – especially our struggling readers.  This is the second year that our teachers are using the same sound decks.  I know this is not the fun, exciting part of teaching, but some rote memorization is required for our students.  We try to balance out the rote memorization of sound decks with word ladders, making words, and exciting literacy centers.  We believe that spending a few minutes each day reviewing phonics sounds pays off huge dividends! 

Click on the picture of each sound deck below for the link to download. I made two sets of cards – larger cards with a chevron background or smaller cards that you can print and put on your own scrapbook paper background (or leave plain!). I haven’t gotten the vowel digraphs on Chevron yet – I will do that soon, so that when you click the link they will be in the same folder!

A A-Z Cards

long a Long Vowel Cards


bl copyBlends

ai-au Vowel Digraphs


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