Wordfoto and Grandparents Day

Today we wrapped up our poetry unit in 3rd grade reading.  I promise another post with my lesson plans, because I thought this was a great unit and I really enjoyed teaching poetry.  We used a lot of technology and I want to share some of our iMovies and Comic Strips with all of you in the future.  

As a culmination of our unit, we wrote poems for our grandparents for our annual Grandparent’s Day Celebration at our school.  Each student wrote 10 words that described their grandparents and then we used the app Wordfoto to put the words on a picture of the grandparents.  I LOVE the result!

Photo Nov 20 11 02 06 AM

Think about all the ways you could use this app in class!  The students could find a picture of the Civil War and write ten words to describe that particular battle in the Civil War.  The students could find a picture of a plant and label the picture names of each part of a plant.  They could load a math problem and write the words that describe the problem such as factors, equal, factor pair, product, etc.  I think the opportunities are endless with this app and certainly creative! 

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