Tiger TV and Hour of Code

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One of my favorite parts of the day at school is Tiger TV.  Tiger TV is my school’s morning news program.  The twist about our morning news program is that it is completely and totally run by our 5th graders!  It is an absolutely amazing production and the teacher that is in charge of heading the program up does an amazing job!

All of our fifth-graders rotate through working every job on our morning news program.  We have two anchors, two teleprompter operators, 2 camera operators, a board operator, a weather student, and two managers.  One of the managers is the floor manager and the other manager runs the computer.  

The two anchors deliver the news.  One of the teleprompter operators runs the mirroring teleprompter that we use for the anchors.  This teleprompter is displayed in mirror font and the operators job is to keep the words on the screen for the anchors to read.  The anchors read a screen directly in front of them – displayed on a mirror so the words are the correct way for them to read (rather than reversed).  The other teleprompter’s job is to put the weather forecast up and run the teleprompter for camera 2 (we don’t mirror this one due to the way our set is configured).  The camera talent is responsible for cueing the anchors and the talent using camera 2 (usually weather, pledgers, tech tip, etc) and responsible for greeting and placing the talent and guests when they come on Tiger TV.  The board operator controls the broadcast out the school. The weather student is responsible for getting the weather to broadcast and then they also are either assigned a scientific fact to discuss or they are allowed to pick their own fact to present.  The floor manager is responsible for directing the entire crew and the computer operator times all of the stories and puts the graphics up for our set (our entire production is green screened).  Both of our manager positions are on the crew for 2 crews – one in which they serve all of the other positions and then because of their leadership they are selected to be a manager for the next crew.  

When a new crew comes on, about every 21 days, they are trained by the crew leaving.  The new crew spends two days learning how to do all of the jobs on the set.  When the jobs are rotated on the current crew the students train each other on their next job (sounds confusing to write, hopefully it makes sense).  Our wonderful leader that manages the entire production writes the scripts and is the supervisor in the room each morning.

Our morning news program started as announcements over the intercom.  Then we got a camera and started with students standing in front of a podium delivering news and now we have an amazing morning production that grows each year!  We use Boinx Software to run our program and send it out to the school.  We had a pretty sharp learning curve with Boinx, but our Tiger TV coordinator has done an amazing job learning all that this software can do.

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It is amazing what Tiger TV accomplishes in a LIVE broadcast, every morning!  I am always in awe of what the kids can do.  It is completely kid run and the kids love it!  It is a requirement in our fifth-grade standards and our fifth-graders cannot wait for their turn on Tiger TV.  If you are interested in checking out more of our daily news show click here.

We used Tiger TV to kick-off our Hour of Code this week.  I do a weekly segment on Tiger TV, entitled Tech Tip.  Sometimes I include students in the tip and sometime I am just giving information.  It is a really nice way for me to talk about technology to the entire school.  We use this platform for a lot of digital citizenship discussions!  This week I had a panel of students that had already participated in the Hour of Code on Tiger TV discussing what they did and what they thought.  Take a look…

Our students, K-5, all participated in the Hour of Code this week, sponsored by Code.org.  The students have had a GREAT time learning to code!  Here is a short video we made with the students that participated on Monday.