Twitter and the Classroom

I was just reading a FABULOUS article entitled “Communications Checklist for 21st – Century School Leaders” and one the checklist items is “Are You Using Social Media to Communicate?”.  If I take that answer on face value my first response would be YES!  Our school has a Facebook page and we share pictures via Flickr.  But, if you think about how we really communicate we aren’t really telling what we are doing minute by minute or even just every few hours, we are posting an exciting event that we want to celebrate.  In order to effectively communicate with our parents and really bring them into the classroom via technology Twitter would be the way to go.   Twitter allows us to communicate in real time to parents and include them in what we are doing.  The beauty of a tweet is that it can only be 140 characters in length – so the teacher or administrator that is tweeting is not really pulling away from classroom time.  Also, how cool would the kids think it was to say that they were tweeting in their classroom!  I could completely see a classroom setup where one student might be in charge of tweets for the day!  How much would parents love that model?

I am going to try to get this setup at my school and I will keep up with the progress on this blog.  I would LOVE to know what is going on at my children’s school so that I could talk to them about it and I could be involved in their day when they are away from me.  We know that part of being in the 21st century community is realizing that everything we do is in real time!  Also, the more we can share the day with our parents, the more comfortable parents will be with us caring and teaching their little ones!