My Favorite Apps for Teachers

These are my favorite apps that make a teachers life easier!  The pictures are linked to the app in the itunes store.

1. Kindle/iBook

Use these apps to highlight and takes notes on the books you are reading in class. You can pull up all of your notes in one place and display your highlights and notes up on the board for your students.


2. Dropbox

Keep all of your files in one place and have access to them wherever you are!


3. Nearpod

You can create presentations and quizzes and send to your students ipads. They can follow along with your presentation, ask questions during class, and take quizzes all in one place. Best of all, for now, this app is FREE! You will need to sign up for an educators account, but this is an excellent teaching tool! You will need to have the students download the app (we will put it on the cart) and register for an online account.


4. Fluency Timer

Setup the time for one minute and give the students a passage. Then allow the students to rotate through on their own. When they are finished, you can go back and listen to the recordings and mark their fluency. Additionally, the students could mark their own fluency and make their own goals for their reading. A great way to keep electronic reading records.


5. Groovy Grader app

Grade your papers without worrying about having the paper, sliding grader!


6. Teacher Assistant (Lite (free) or Pro)

This is a great little app that lets the teacher keep anecdotal records in one place. The teacher can quickly and easily keep notes on each and every students. Very handy to have all of the information in one place and the ability to link reports to dropbox. A great way to keep information for parent conferences or permanent records.


7. Stick Pick Pro

This is a wonderful app for teachers! The teacher can load in her students and it is like she is pulling a stick to see which student to call on to answer a question! What is even better is the app allows the teacher to keep up with the questions asked and determine how far up Blooms Taxonomy the students can go with their questions. The teacher can keep notes on each students answers, as well as, knowing which student to call on next!


8. Explain Everything

Screen casting app. Teachers can import word docs, pptx, pdfs, etc into the app and annotate over the apps and record yourself. When teaching the lesson you can record yourself teaching and then post to websites so students can access the information for extra review or for absent students.


9. iTunes University

This is a great app just for continuing education for teachers. Browse college courses in your subject area for free!


10. Evernote

This is an amazing app for keeping all of your clippings from webpages in one place.


11.Good Reader

Used for annotating PDF’s. A good way to work on students papers and assignments (receive the papers using “Drop it to me”. Can annotate and comment right on the paper and send back to the students – all electronically!


12.Brain Pop

Play Brainpop movies right from your iPad!


13. Reading Remedies

Great app that allows teachers to assess reading. The app also suggests follow up activities based on students’ performance.