A new technology innovation for me….

This is my first attempt at blogging and it will be interesting to see how blogging works for me.  I have been requiring my students to blog for two years but, I have never actually blogged myself.  I am finding myself doing things now that I have previously only required my students to do.  For example, I participate in their mad minutes in math with them, I participate in their webquests, their recess games (5th graders only really play dodgeball), etc.  So, now I have taken on the task of learning to blog and seeing if it is something that I can really do effectively and maybe figure out a way to connect with other obsessive teachers.

The goal of this blog for me will be to detail my life as a teacher.  What I learn from others and what I have created for my classroom.  I love using technology so I will focus my blogs on my trial and errors in the classroom pertaining to technology and other things….

I signed up for a google docs account this week and created my very first webquest.  I then decided that my students MUST also sign up so that they may post their learned information to the webquest as well.  I am still trying to figure out how 5th grade parents feel about their students using email to sign up for so many different websites.  So far this year I have had my students sign up for google docs, mywebspiration and my class blog.  I am wondering if and when they will be weary from email sign-ups.   Does this mean that 5th graders should have their own email?  My school provides email accounts for the students but we keep the email accounts from the students because we worry about 10 and 11 year olds having access to email.  I am still on the fence on this issue and I would love to know what other teachers do in their classrooms and their schools.  While on this topic I would love to know if other schools allow students to search the internet for content or do you limit access to content.  How should schools effectively manage all the good and bad that is on the internet and that comes with using technology in the classroom.