Teacher Training and Khan Academy

We went back to school this week and we are all busy getting ready for our little ones to come next week.   I spent some time this week training teachers on resources they can use in their classrooms including activboards and votes, Khan Academy, and Microsoft Outlook.  When I was working with the principal to plan what we would train on during pre-planning week we really wanted to make the training valuable and use it in a way that they teachers would find the time valuable – we all know how hectic it is getting a classroom ready for students and there never seems to be enough time for working in the classroom!  To that end I showed teachers a lot of fun things they could do with voting templates and agenda boards.

I also showed teachers how to use a website called Khan Academy.  I love Khan Academy, it is an amazing website that will change the way teachers teach math!  I used it in my classroom for the last nine weeks of school last year and my fifth-grade students went from 5th grade math all the way through middle school math in 9 weeks.  Of course, not all of my students went that far, but the website is a self-paced math website that teaches math lessons and then gives practice for the students.  The website also allows teachers to register their classes and see how the students are progressing and where they need help.  Did I mention that it is a FREE website!  I have my own children working through Khan Academy because it is such an amazing site!  The teachers are going to use the site for enrichment and remediation this year as they get used to the site, but I am hoping that within the next year some of our teachers will “flip” their classrooms and the found describes in this youtube video.