Math Curriculum

We are in the process of of changing our math curriculum.  We are currently using Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics.  We have been looking at all different curriculums while trying to narrow down our focus on the best curriculums.  We are a private school so what we require is a little bit different than public schools.  We are not tied to the common core, but the problem we are experiencing is that ALL of the math textbook companies are writing their books to focus on common core (insert plug for writing our own textbooks using iTunes!). 

We have had to look at our standards, our testing (we use ERB), and the common core to see how they all align so that we can choose the best math curriculum.  We have narrowed down our focus to two curriculums – Math in Focus and Expressions Math.  Both seem to be strong curriculums, without the drama that goes with Everyday Mathematics.  We will be taking a strong look at this two curriculums over the summer and then call in the company reps at the beginning of next year.  Additionally, we will teach some practice units out of both curriculums next year to see how they fit into our classrooms.

The reason I am writing this post is because on the Cool Cat Teachers blog she posted about a new website that has teachers and administrators review curriculum that is used in the classroom!  What an awesome idea!  We have been searching websites for teacher reviews of math curriculum to get an idea of what teachers think.  So far, the only website that really posts much in the way of teacher reviews is ProTeacher.  The new website is called Classroom Window and the section of the website that reviews curriculum is called Teacher View Report Cards.  They are currently calling for reviews about math curriculum and are giving away a $10 Amazon gift card for anyone that reviews their current math curriculum!